Our growth from MullenLowe Group Japan to Fabric


We’re excited to share something that’s been coming together for a few months, as we shift our company from being MullenLowe Group Japan to Fabric.

The pandemic changed the nature of business globally, and we used this time to reset priorities and focus on the things that matter most to our employees, clients, and the communities we’re collectively part of.

We’re making this change because we believe there is a new social fabric, where the brands that will succeed are the ones that: enable culture, build relationships, and act on sustainability.

Brands are realising they’re unable to continue with…


Brands are increasingly recognising the urgency of developing a solid sustainability strategy and integrating it with business strategy. In many cases, they are conducting detailed materiality assessments, re-examining supply chains and producing brilliant product and packaging innovation. The question is, what do consu …


Sustainability is by no means new to Japan. Renowned for traditions like mottainai (minimising waste), osusowake (sharing of goods or profit), and sanpo yoshi (business that benefits buyer, seller and society) and with more longstanding businesses than any other country in the world, in some senses Japan has long been ahead of the game.

Yet now, as the world faces up to ever more urgent and complex challenges, a broader, global and integrated idea of sustainability is becoming commonplace, and Japan finds itself falling behind global standards. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are lauded by experts, and…


We’re a strategic consultancy helping businesses reframe problems to create shared value with customers and communities.

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