Another year of massive change in the new social fabric

Looking ahead to what we have planned in 2022

2021 was a year of massive change for Fabric — with our rebrand toward being a purpose-led business, a series of new client engagements driving sustainable and regenerative futures, and the recruitment of an entirely new team to support these changes.

Now we’re planning ahead for 2022, and our journey is just getting started.

Global challenges around climate inaction, social change, hybrid work, good governance, and the impact of technology are becoming more critical to address — with opportunities for businesses and brands to play a decisive role in designing the outcomes.

This year we’re deepening our work around understanding the systems and organisational challenges that limit how brands can adapt to these changes, starting with a research report on food systems in Japan. This will expand on our unique datasets around how people in Japan engage with sustainability, with a focus on food and drink brands throughout the supply chain.

Our experiments around the future of work — creating a hybrid, open architecture model that strives to be the most progressive in Japan — will continue to push us forward as a company, while bringing these learnings to clients through our employee experience programs.

And we’ve been actively developing our community model, with plans for an innovation space for sustainable businesses in Tokyo. This is set to launch in Q1 and we’re looking for partners to design this collectively. Get in touch if this sounds like you.

As always, we’ll continue to work with global and local brands to address their biggest problems through the lenses of strategic design, sustainability, and engagement.

We look forward to these future collaborations as well as the people we’ll meet along the way — working together to enable a new social fabric that works for everyone.

Introducing the Fabric team

Over the new year we’ll be introducing our new team, sharing stories about the people that enable our business. We search for people with a range of professional and lived experience, each bringing unique perspectives to the work we do.

In the past few months we’ve hired people who’ve:

  • Started their own regenerative farm business;
  • Developed ethical data models for health researchers;
  • Scaled emerging global technology products in Japan;
  • Revitalised regional areas through DIY and design;
  • Embedded with communities designing better government; and
  • Joined from some of the biggest technology companies in the world (Apple and Google).

Together we’re able to apply this breadth of experience to just about any business problem, working in interdisciplinary teams to develop good strategy. This also creates a progressive internal culture that pushes us forward, with great people to learn from.

Fabric’s favourite content from 2021

These are some of our favourite articles, frameworks, and content shared across the team over the past twelve months:

  1. Beyond Net Zero | UK Design Council
    A Systemic Design Framework launched by the UK Design Council in April 2021 — this has informed our approach to sustainable and regenerative design programs throughout the year.
  2. A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business | Forum for the Future
    This report and framework also had a substantial impact in our team, outlining the imperative of moving toward just and regenerative business practices.
  3. Transitions to sustainable futures | Hitachi x Takram
    Another great report with contributions from Japan and around the globe, focusing on the transitions we can make toward a sustainable world.
  4. Foodscapes for People and Nature | The Nature Conservancy
    Mapping the diversity of food production around the world — this report influenced our focus on food systems in 2022.
  5. The Intersection | Superflux
    A short film by Superflux illustrating our journey from a violent present to a cooperative future.

As well as some of the things we made internally:

  1. 多様なメンバーが活躍する外資系コンサル企業に学ぶ、成功するプロジェクトチームの作り方 | Fabric x Sollective
    A seminar from our friends at Sollective sharing Fabric’s employee experience capabilities and how we deliver them for clients.
  2. The State of Sustainability in Japan 2021 | Fabric
    The 2021 report which relaunched our brand, with comprehensive research into customer and employee perspectives around sustainability in Japan.
  3. To create business value, first create shared value | Fabric x Japan Times
    And our Founder / CEO James Hollow talking sustainable business with the Japan Times.





国内では先進的なハイブリッド型オープンアーキテクチャーモデルを目指し、従業員体験(Employee Experience)プログラムを通じて学んだことをクライアントに還元しながら、未来の働き方に対応した試みを推し進めて行きます。




Introducing the Fabric team



  • グローバルスタートアップ企業の経験を経て、独自のリジェネラティブファーム(再生型農場)を立ち上げた人
  • 医療研究者のための倫理的なデータモデルを開発した人
  • グローバルな新興技術製品を日本で開発させた人
  • DIYとデザインで地方の活性化に取り組んだ人
  • 地域社会と連携し、より良い行政のデザインを行う人
  • アップルやグーグルといった世界的な大企業で働いた経験もある人



Fabric’s favourite content from 2021


  1. Beyond Net Zero | UK Design Council
    2021年4月にUK Design Councilが発表した「システミックデザインフレームワーク」にて、サステナビリティやリジェネラティブなデザインプログラムへのアプローチに関する情報を公開。
  2. A Compass for Just and Regenerative Business | Forum for the Future
  3. Transitions to sustainable futures | Hitachi x Takram
  4. Foodscapes for People and Nature | The Nature Conservancy
  5. The Intersection | Superflux


  1. 多様なメンバーが活躍する外資系コンサル企業に学ぶ、成功するプロジェクトチームの作り方 | Fabric x Sollective
  2. The State of Sustainability in Japan 2021 | Fabric
  3. To create business value, first create shared value | Fabric x Japan Times



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