Enabling brands in the new social fabric

Our growth from MullenLowe Group Japan to Fabric


We’re excited to share something that’s been coming together for a few months, as we shift our company from being MullenLowe Group Japan to Fabric.

The pandemic changed the nature of business globally, and we used this time to reset priorities and focus on the things that matter most to our employees, clients, and the communities we’re collectively part of.

We’re making this change because we believe there is a new social fabric, where the brands that will succeed are the ones that: enable culture, build relationships, and act on sustainability.

Brands are realising they’re unable to continue with business as usual, and that the future of business considers not just growth, but the social context we’re all operating in. This is reflected in the principle of Sanpo-Yoshi, where shared value is created between all stakeholders — business, customers, and society.

We’ve been helping businesses navigate this shift, and are making this our primary focus, with capabilities across the breadth of Strategic Design, Sustainability, and Engagement.

To do this we’ve become an affiliate of MullenLowe Group, with a change in structure that strengthens local ownership. We’ll continue to actively collaborate with MullenLowe and IPG teams, while providing emerging services to better support clients across the network.

We’re a team of strategists and storytellers based in Nakameguro, Tokyo — and we’re here to help solve your biggest problems. We follow an open architecture model that brings together global expertise with local cultural insight.

Our team are particularly keen to share our latest research study The State of Sustainability in Japan 2021, which we’ve been using to help push organisations forward on sustainability.

You can learn more about the company at fbrc.co, and subscribe to updates on Mailchimp and Medium. As always we’re open to collaborating with new and existing clients across Japan and globally.

Looking forward to creating better futures, together!


MullenLowe Group JapanからFabricへの成長

私たち、MullenLowe Group Japanは、Fabricへと生まれ変わりましたことを皆様にご報告させていただきます。








会社概要はfbrc.coでご確認いただけます。また、MailchimpMediumで最新情報を購読することができます。 私たちは日本中、そして世界中の新規および既存のクライアント様とのコラボレーションを心よりお待ちしておりますしております。




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We’re a strategic consultancy helping businesses reframe problems to create shared value with customers and communities.